Cassio Antunes Endeavour

Cassio Antunes EndeavourEndeavour, a word of English origin and universal meaning, refers to a conscious effort we make toward a larger goal. The first time I heard this term was in my first year at Harvard, at that time I had no ideia that 11 years later, it would be the great protagonist of my social project Cassio Antunes Endeavour.

After years working as a successful businessman, back in 2013 I have chosen it was time to change my way and bring knowledge and resources to entrepreneurs in poor communities. People like you and me who have an idea in the head and the will to make a difference. This way was born the Cassio Antunes Endeavor, a nonprofit organization that provides free advice to people with entrepreneurial spirit, but do not have the financial means or do not know which path to follow to open their own business.

When I decided to change the course of my career and devote myself fully to this social project, I clung to a premise that always defended, that in every person there is an entrepreneurial spirit ready to be discovered. The Cassio Antunes Endeavour Project exists to show this characteristic and transform great ideas into profitable businesses through educational consulting and knowledge sharing.

In 2015 the project entered its second year, but still crawls to overcome the boundaries of language and speak only one language, that of entrepreneurship. We are still looking for companies and professionals who are engaged with the subject and who wish to invest in this journey, which is long but it has been rewarding.

Cassio Antunes Endeavour

Our service is free and meet people from all over the world, so if you have commitment and desire to make an idea become a venture but do not know how to start visit The evaluation process is simple, just fill out a form, tell a little of its history and it will be judged by me. It will certainly be a pleasure to meet you and share my knowledge through a totally free advice.