Review: Rise of the Entrepreneur

Cassio Antunes - Rise of The Entrepreneur

Before talking about the documentary that caused a loudl noise between entrepreneurs from around the world, let’s start by answering a simple question: Have you finished a day’s work questioning how it went so fast? This feeling of lack of time and constant acceleration is a phenomenon that accompanies all and emerged in parallel with technological advances, which impacted on the way we consume information, how we behave, and especially, how we work. Another phenomenon of the digital age is the feeling of overload, it takes a large number of people for an alternative lifestyle in an attempt to resume their freedom of thought and action.

In this scenario, the documentary “Rise of the Entrepreneur: The Search for a Better Way” developed by the author of the bestselling “Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Professional Network Marketing”, Eric Worre, invites the viewer for a journey that shows the rise of entrepreneurship and the decline of the professional model built in the industrial age. To address this and other issues, Worre invited many experts to discuss new ways of looking at the relationship between work and money.

The documentary creator directs the interviews to claim hat to be the owner of your own business is the starting point for changing the chaotic professional background that the population is facing. In addition, during interviews both Eric and his guests experts advocate the business model designed for the twenty-first century, known as network marketing or multi-level. In this sense, what ends up turning the film into a big by advertising, enough to prove that this strategy is a low risk strategy for those who want to become an entrepreneur. According to them, because the concept revolves mainly around the most powerful weapon of marketing, the customer.

Cassio Antunes Endeavour Rise of Entreperneur Movie Scene

Is there a better way?

The documentary was released in November 2014 on the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event and still generates debate among specialist businesses and entrepreneurs, as solid information end up losing in interviews biased to sell the concept of network marketing. Despite the comments, it is worth watching to understand a little more about the state of declining that is upon global economic forces, pointing out the high unemployment and the standard drop of its well-known middle class.

During the documentary, Eric points entrepreneurship as a solution for people who want to get ahead in life and achieve financial independence. But it is important to assess the complexity of the business that each person wants to open and  to understand that despite being an exciting and rewarding way, be entrepreneur also involves risks and sacrifices.

So this is a great advertisement to sell the “secret of success” or not, watch the documentary with an open mind and your critical faculties on. In the worst case you can not find “the best way”, but still understand the current economic environment and find ways to invest in your career, either as an entrepreneur or not. In this blog I do not advocate entrepreneurship as a miracle output for all financial problems, but as a means to achieve a career goal. Whatever path you decide to follow will require study, commitment and understanding of the risks.

Watch the trailer for  Rise of the Entrepreneur: The Search for a Better Way.